About Us

Last Update:2018-04-24

We are a manufacturer of baby clothes since 1990 of which the clients are mainly from Europe and North America. The company was transformed and upgraded in 2014 using our own brand Aisance, which means unrestrained in French. We specialize in delicate; and handmade parts of clothes which can become precious collections for babies and parents. Our baby clothes are suitable for 0~24 months’ babies, and there are a variety of styles.In addition, we take the safety checking seriously. Aisance is a brand of delicacy, comfort, and safety.

Basic Information

  • Business Type:Manufacturer,OEM,ODM
  • Year Established:2014
  • Factory Location:Taiwan, ROC
  • Tel (1):+886-2-33652279
  • Tel (2):+886-2-33652279 EXT 0
  • Zip Code:103
  • Address:3F.,No179-1,Sec.2,Fuxing S.Rd., Da An Dist., Taipei City 10667, Taiwan R.O.C.
  • Brand:aisance
  • Main Product:Production Classification being produced All kinds of Baby's Wears suited to an age group from 0 M to 24 M Jacket,Pant,Dress,Skirts,Shirt,Bodysuit,Coverall,Outer wear,Sleeping bag,Blanket,Layette 生产适合初生至2岁穿着的婴儿服饰-上衣,外套,裤子,洋装,连​​衣裙,裙子,连身装,游戏装,睡袋,服饰配件
  • Main Export Market:Asia,Europe

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